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My kinda Monday Night Football: the Century JV game at dusk.

This last week during the varsity game I was transported back to the late summer of 1989 before my senior year. We'd been living in Germany for three years and came home for a summer's furlough. At the end of the summer we watched a high school football game in Fremont, Ohio where my dad grew up. It was the first time I experienced an American high school football game, and it was a very surreal experience. It was like I was looking at a parallel high school experience I might have had if we lived in the States. Everything about it -- the cheerleaders, the fan(atic)s, the energy of the evening -- was so strange and foreign to me. It was quite American, which made me feel somewhat un-American. At some point during my high school years I told myself that I would never marry an American football player because I could never relate to that football culture.

Last week as I was sitting in the stands, transported to that experience, I looked at my husband coaching on the sideline, and my son, waiting his turn to play, and I was grateful that I married an American football player.

We posed for a family photo after the game. John was pulling on my neck with his hand, so I did what any good mom would do and I strangled him back.

With that philosophy, I really should write a parenting book.

Sarah had parent/teacher conferences this week. On the conference slip her teacher wanted to know if there was anything we wanted to discuss during the conference. I wrote "her awesomeness." And that's pretty much all we discussed, was her awesomeness. Because she's so awesome! Not just academically but socially too. She loves much and is loved much.

106.9 KROC FM is a station that my kids like to listen to. And sometimes I'll listen to it when they're not in the car. I was listening to it one time and heard that they were doing a $100 giveaway called DASH FOR CASH. All you had to do is take a photo of your car stereo tuned to 106.9 and you might get $100. So I posted this pic on Instagram and Twitter with the correct hashtag.

Not too long later I got a notice from Twitter and found the following reply to my tweet:

First of all, you'll notice that my "not too long later" is the whole next day. That's how much I don't tweet and/or don't get tweeted.

Second of all, Troy Dunken is one of the DJs at the radio station. So when he tweeted me, I was all like "I just scored so many points with my kids now that a DJ from their favorite radio station tweeted me." So, thanks Troy Dunken.

JD and I crossed ride a hot air balloon off the bucket list. I posted pictures and details here. It was epic.

The story behind this photo is: we were on a bowling date and throughout the date we texted photos to our daughter. We decided to take a silly selfie and send it to her.

We're so silly.


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Danavee said...

Love the family photo!

Mindy Whipple said...

What a cute family photo. Happy for you that life looks good : )


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