snapshots & thoughts: birthday/halloween edition

This post has been sitting in my dashboard for a while... It's old news, but whatev.


On the morning of October 25th I laid in bed waiting for my birthday breakfast in bed (a homemade egg McMuffin sandwich prepared for me by my sister, and donut holes which JD broke laws to get to me in time). To pass some time, I checked social media, then scrolled through my emails, deleting all the spam without even reading them. Until I saw a subject line that got my interest telling me that today was National Shoe Lover's Day. 

I had no idea! What a coincidence!! National Shoe Lover's Day! ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

They were having a party (ON MY BIRTHDAY) with free shoes being given out throughout the day to people who posted photos with the correct hashtags. Obviously I had to go and take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate my birthday with shoes.

Converse = the best.

As I was taking this photo one of the workers walked by and I stopped her and said, "GUESS WHAT?!"

She looked amused and obliged me with "what?"

"Today is MY BIRTHDAY! And YOU'RE HAVING A PARTY! It's like DSW is having a BIRTHDAY PARTY for ME. So, THANKS!"

She laughed and wished me happy birthday, made sure I was finding what I wanted (navy blue Converse for my Flo Halloween costume) then went on to other customers.

After a while two other workers came up to me with a balloon and a noisemaker and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

When I told my girls about how I actually jumped up and down with my arms in the air, they both were like, "OMG, I'm so glad that I was in a different aisle and didn't see you do that."

And guess what? My photo with the Converse got me a $50 gift certificate later that day. My mission to take advantage of the timing of the sale: ACCOMPLISHED. 


JD and I continued our scavenger hunt with a part 2 date.

A picture of us kissing on a bridge. Do you know how many times we had to re-take that shot? JD kept telling me it wasn't quite right, we'd better take it again.

A picture of us swinging on swings.

A picture of us sliding head first down a slide.

A picture of five different colored leaves.


I haven't done box color in a long time because orange hair. But sometimes money issues trump hair color fears. I went ahead and got some dark red brown in a box. It might be purple.


My residents got such a kick out of my Flo outfit. I enjoy making them smile.

Smiling is my favorite.

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