I got another hole in my head

I hadn't planned on getting my cartilage pierced this week. Or ever, really. It's not that I don't like piercings because I do. I admire someone who can rock piercings (and tattoos) tastefully - especially if they are 40something.

It's just that I'm a little self-conscious about being that one 40something who's trying to be all 20something but comes off like a pathetic sit-com character. My kids laugh at this fear of mine and assure me that I will never be accused of that. Well, not a pathetic one anyway.

They won't let me. Once I bought some crazy patterned leggings and the first time I wore them in public, Kaitlin told me "girls in my school wear clothes like that, not moms." I promptly donated the not-mom-leggings to Sarah's closet.

When Kaitlin texted me saying she wanted to get her cartilage pierced, I texted her back with LOL and a crying/laughing emoji.

Incidentally, Spellchecker does not like the word "texted." But in this day and age, I find texting (also a word Spellchecker balks at) a great way to communicate with my kids. We text. We are texting. We texted.

Kaitlin said it would be good mother/daughter time, we could get it done together. When I realized she was serious I told her to wait two years until she is 16.

I don't know why I decided she needed to wait until she is 16 any more than why I chose to raise the time she waits in increments of 2 years. It just sounds nice I guess. Truth is, I didn't have a good reason. Since I believe it's important to have a reason for fighting your battles, I chose not to fight this one. I deferred to her dad, who of course deferred back to me.

I told her we would talk about it, not text about it. Because texting is nice, but talking is better.

The idea of having a mother/daughter piercing appealed to me as long as it was in my ear, so I told her I wouldn't make her wait until she was 16 if she paid for both of our piercings. She was happy to accept my offer. I felt a little bit guilty when, after we were pierced and about to pay, the woman told me the total as if I were going to cover it.

I didn't make her wait, but it did cost her something. For that, I hope she appreciates it more. I know I do. Every time I see my unplanned cartilage piercing, I think of her.

"You'd better never let that close up, Mom," she said. "I paid good money for that."

We've already discussed mother/daughter tattoos. If Sarah follows in her sister's footsteps, I might be one pierced & tattooed mamma.


[bonus features:]

I chose to get my right ear pierced because Kaitlin wanted her left ear done. That way when Kaitlin and I take selfies, both our piercings will be in the picture. We took a selfie as soon as mine was in, forgetting that I still had the clip in my hair. I almost walked out of the store with it in.

Kaitlin chose to get her left ear pierced because her left ear has a little bump on it (you can see it in the picture) and she likes it, so she wanted to emphasize it. When she told me that, I told her when I held her in my arms as a baby, I loved rubbing that little bump on her ear. I also loved tracing her two little cowlicks on the top of her head - with their swirls, they looked like an angel. (She doesn't like her cowlicks though.)

[end bonus feature]

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Tamera Beardsley said...

Such a beautiful post my dear! I applaud your ability to seize the moment … and celebrate your bond! so very well done!



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