just for fun: the 5 most visited blog posts on anne b. good

Most of my posts lately have just been photos and the stories behind them. 
It's not that I don't have anything to say, because I do. 
It's just that I need to figure out how to say it. 
Or even maybe if I should say it.

It's somewhat safe to post pictures from Instagram and write the stories behind them. 
So that's what I've been posting lately. 

Did you notice? 

I wouldn't even be posting those except that my daughter told me that she likes it when I blog and she didn't want me to stop. 
Good thing I'm not blogging for traffic, 
because those family album type posts don't bring people to my blog.

Still, I get consistent traffic. 
At first it excited me, 
but then I realized that it was mostly spiders and spammers
and strangers landing here from google searches looking for expert advice.

It's interesting to see which posts get the most visits.

I thought it might be fun to share my most visited blog posts.


Beginning sometime around October traffic to my blog spikes because of this post:


The rest of the year this is the most frequented post. 
I still put honey and oil on my face, but I've been experimenting lately with different kinds of oils.


It's so ironic that my third most frequented post is about laundry soap. 
Because I don't like doing laundry. 
But I do like making laundry soap.


Amazingly one of my week in review posts made it into the top five, 
though I think it has to do more with "Mall of America" and "American Girl Doll" searches 
than anything else. 
Reading back on the post, though, 
I can see why my daughter likes me blogging these 
family-are-the-only-people-who-are-interested-type posts. 
They preserve memories. 
I guess I'll keep posting them. 


Have you noticed that banners are everywhere? 
I am so on trend right now:


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