snapshots & thoughts: #epicNYEsleepover

For New Year's Eve I booked 2 rooms at a local hotel for $29 a piece.
For $60 and a couple pizzas we had an #epicNYEsleepover.

 I brought tag board and markers for the girls to make a 2015 sign.
I was hoping it would keep them occupied for a while.
It did.
The party girls.

Ahh, relaxing in the hotel's hot tub.

As much as I can with five girls screaming "MARCO!" "POLO!" in the pool next to me.

Kaitlin and her friends were my roomies for the night.
I enjoyed hanging with them.
But not hanging with them TOO much, because I'm cool and all but I'm still mom.

  The big girls made a poster too.
I read it and I said "We run 2015? Where are you running?"
And Kaitlin was like "Mom."

This is pretty much how the big girls spent their evening.

The next morning the girls had one last pool session before their parents picked them up.
And while they swam, I drank lots of coffee.

What a fun way to end 2014 and ring in 2015.

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