what's it worth?

These are some questions that pester me: 

  • Do you know who made your clothes? Because someone did.
  • Was that person working in a sweat shop for an unfair wage so that we can buy it for cheap and the retailer can make a huge profit?
  • What's it worth to know that the person who made your clothes is treated fairly, paid honestly?

Krochet Kids is a company I've recently learned about who's asking themselves these same questions. Not only that, but they're answering the question of who made the clothes. 

And we get to determine what it's worth with our purchases.

Behind every product is a person. That's true. And if you buy a product from Krochet Kids, you get to know exactly who made it because each product comes with a signed tag:

On the website is an archive of all the ladies who make the clothes where you can see their photo and find out a little about them. Not only that, but you can actually send them a thank you note.

How cool is that?!

Hey, Krochet Kids, why are you doing this?

We believe it’s important to not only know where your products come from, but also WHO made them. We believe our purchases can be used to empower others and people should have the ability to purchase items that not only meet their needs, but also positively impact the person who makes them. Our goal is to start a conversation about the importance of knowing not only where our products come from, but WHO makes them.

Sounds worthy to me.

Check out their website. They have everything you need to dress women, men & children. Plus some cool accessories.

(Christmas is coming up. I'm just sayin.)

Krochet Kids Logo 88x88

Here are some of my faves:

I like this company and believe in what they're doing so much that I signed up to be an affiliate with them. Links in this post have my affiliate code embedded in them. If you purchase something using my affiliate link, I will get a small commission. So, thanks.

Krochet Kids intl. SP14

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